Operating Model:
Operating Model:

Operating Models

Upvest allows you to embed investment experiences into your offering and help your users take control of their wealth. With our Investment API and digital infrastructure, we can take care of everything required to enable your investment offering and custody management.

You decide what Upvest should do for you by choosing an operating model that can include brokerage, settlement, custody, pan-European licences, etc. - all with fully automated operations.

In this section, you will find out which operating models we offer and which services you can expect.


The selection of an operating model is also the starting point for using our documentation - first select your operating model to see only the content that is relevant and customised for you. For this purpose, the drop-down menu 'Operating Model' is available in the navigation header.

Take our License (TOL)

In this operating model, there is a direct contractual relationship between Upvest and the end-user. Upvest provides licensed investments services to end-users; you, as the client, fully own the customer facing frontend..

License mode Client Upvest
Standard - brings their own Investment Brokerage license (e.g., Portfolio Management licence)
- owns the UX
- provides all remaining licences, holding the direct contractual end-user relationship
- provides end-to-end functionality on a per-user level (brokerage, settlement and custody)

Bring your own license (BYOL)

With this model, the direct contractual relationship is between Upvest's client and the end-user.

Upvest provides licensed investment services to the client, which provides the licensed investment services to its end-user.

License mode Client Upvest
Single accounts - holds all the necessary licences to provide services to its end-users
- fully owns the contractual relationship with their users
- provides end-to-end functionality on a per-user level (brokerage, settlement and custody)
- acts as intermediate custodian and trading gateway
Omnibus account - holds all required licences for provision of services to end-users and is the only user-facing entity
- provides end-to-end functionality on a per-user level (brokerage, settlement and custody)
- owns the UX and has built all the parts in-house
- provides functionality on B2B omnibus level
- acts as intermediary custodian and trading gateway
- helps to scale

Upvest Services

The following overview shows the services from a functional point of view.

You can see which services Upvest offers for which operating model.

Services Operating model
TOL - Standard BYOL - Single accounts BYOL - omnibus accounts
End-user core banking (Onboarding and book keeping) .
Use-case implementation (Saving plans, portfolios, fractions) ✓ Fractions only
Reporting (End-user and regulatory)
Taxes (Tax administration and statements)
Custody (CACS processing, fulfilment) ✓ on B2B level only
Data integration (Market, static, regulatory data)
Trading gateway & execution (Connection to 10+ exchanges and brokers) ✓ on B2B level only
Payment integration (Payment provider integration) ✓ on B2B level only

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