Operating Model:

Cancelling an order

In this chapter you will learn how to cancel orders and how to handle errors.

Cancelling an order

You can only cancel MARKET orders if they have the status NEW.

  • LIMIT orders can be cancelled up to the PROCESSING state.
  • STOP orders can be cancelled before the stop-price has been reached in the PROCESSING state.

To cancel an existing order, call the cancellation endpoint with the appropriate order ID, using

DELETE /orders/{order_id}

Handling errors

The Investment API will only return synchronous errors on order creation in two scenarios: either the request is malformed or the values provided are valid but unprocessable. The later case will occur if the account ID does not exist in the system yet.

  • HTTP 400 Bad request
  • HTTP 422 Unprocessable entity

Other errors that can happen in order processing are asynchronous and will be represented by a state change to CANCELLED and will have a descriptive error message.


Detailed enumeration of error messages will follow soon in the next iteration of the guide.

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