Settlement reports

If the fee functionality of the Investment API is used, we will create a fee settlement report describing any fee collections that were conducted and transferred to the registered bank account.

To be able to retrieve the reports for settlement via the Investments API, we provide the /files endpoint.

Go to the 'Retrieving settlement reports' chapter to find a detailed description of how to fetch reports.

Settlement report types

There are various settlement reports that can be accessed via the Investments API through fixed signed URLs. In this section we list the individual report types and their respective specifications.

Report type Description
Fee settlement For the settlement advice reports, the date in the file corresponds to the settlement date of the respective fee collection amounts forwarded to the registered bank account.

Settlement report data

In the following tables you can see which data is included in a settlement report.

Fees data

Parameter Example Description
fee_collection_id uuid The ID of the fee collection.
type SERVICE_FEE The fee type.
settlement_amount 5 The amount of funds that have to be transferred for fees.
currency EUR The currency.
transaction_date 2023-06-29T00:00:00Z The date when the fee was processed.

Next steps

After you have familiarised yourself with the different settlement reports and their characteristics, the next step is to learn how to retrieve them via the Investments API. For this purpose, go to 'Retrieving settlement reports'.

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