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User data change

This guide lines out how to change data of a user and which prove documents have to be provided.

How user data changes work

A user’s reason for requesting a data change can vary (for example: moving to a new city, getting married and therefore changing the name or adding a nationality). In order to keep the user information in sync and up-to-date, the Investment API allows data changes to be made by sending appropriate requests. Depending on the respective fields to be changed, Upvest may require a proof for changing the user information.

Changing user data


Before you can change data of a user you must have created one. You can find out how to do this in our 'User onboarding guide'.

To change data of a user, send POST /users/{user_id}/data_change_requests. In the request body, you specify which fields you intend to change. There are four different categories available that require different proof documents.

The following proof documents are accepted:

Category User fields Required proof documents
Name change first_name & last_name
  • PASSPORT - Passport
  • ID_CARD - National Identification document
Nationality change nationalities (array)
  • PASSPORT - Passport
  • ID_CARD - National Identification document
Address change address (object)
  • UTILITY_BILL - Utility bill
  • TELEPHONE_BILL - Telephone bill
  • INTERNET_BILL - Internet bill
  • BANK_STATEMENT - Bank statement
  • REGISTRATION_CERT - Registration certificate
  • RESIDENCE_PERMIT - Residence permit
  • ID_CARD - National Identification document
Other salutation, title, email, phone_number, birth_name, postal_address
  • N/A

Data changes other than those listed are subject to a support request to Upvest.

Example request for chaging the user's name:

  "first_name": "Karl",
  "last_name": "Schmidt",
  "issuance_date": "2030-01-01",
  "data_download_link": "https://bucket.customer.com/ident/user3.zip",
  "document_type": "ID_CARD"

Example request for chaging the user's address:

  "address": {
    "address_line1": "Rosenweg 221",
    "address_line2": "apt. 33",
    "postcode": "45678",
    "city": "Berlin",
    "state": "BE",
    "country": "DE"
  "issuance_date": "2020-01-01",
  "data_download_link": "https://bucket.customer.com/por/user3.zip",
  "document_type": "UTILITY_BILL"

Example request for chaging the user's email:

  "email": "max@example.com"

After you requested a data change Upvest will download a potential proof for the data change, adjust the user information and then send a data change passed webhook. If the data change failed, e.g. due to problems with the proof files, you will receive a data change failed webhook.

Next steps

Due to the fact a user data change can happen at any time of the lifecycle of the user on the Investment API, a next step could be to create an account group or place an order and see the updated data while retrieving a report.

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