User offboarding

In this section you will learn how to offboard users from the Investment API.

How user offboarding works

Offboarding a user is the final step in removing a user from the Investment API. Before a user can be offboarded, all accounts and account groups of the user must be closed. To find out how to close accounts and account groups please refer to the Account closure guide.

For more context on the status a user can have, see the User onboarding guide.


You will always be able to retrieve historical information about users who are already offboarded. (At least for the period Upvest is obliged to keep the data after the user has been offboarded).


Before you can offboard a user you must have created one, find out how to do so in our User onboarding guide.

Offboarding a user

You can offboard a user by sending

DELETE /users/{user_id}

The user status is changed to OFFBOARDING. The user remains in this status until there is no open account group and no pending regulatory reporting (e.g., annual tax statement). As soon as all requirements are met, the user status is set to OFFBOARDED.

To inform you of the final offboarding of the user, you will receive a webhook with the corresponding user offboarded event.

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