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September 6, 2023

Docs update

Portfolio testing in Sandbox

Testing portfolio rebalancing is a useful way to verify the effectiveness and accuracy of rebalancing executions, while understanding the flow of events and how best to integrate this functionality into your platform.

Read the new documentation chapter on how to test portfolio rebalancing in Sandbox.

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August 24, 2023

Big news !

We are pleased to share great and exciting news:

As of now we offer a NEWS section in our documentation portal.

Release notes

We, at Upvest are constantly working hard to make the Investment API a top class experience. Check out changes and bug fixes.

  • We will introduce you to the new features we have developed or improved through our continuous development.
  • We let you know when specific actions are required to continue operating smoothly with the new features or updates.
  • We will inform you about bug fixes, known issues & deprecations.
  • And of course, we will direct you to the relevant documentation to get all the information you need.


To further maximise the transparency of changes, we offer our automatically generated changelogs.

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