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The 'Portfolios' feature of the Upvest Investment API allows you to create a portfolio with any combination of assets.

  • [**Enabling Enabling portfolio investing** investing](/documentation/guides/portfolios/enabling_portfolio_investments)
    You will be guided through the process of activating an account to use the portfolio investment features.

  • [**Creating Creating a portfolio strategy** strategy](/documentation/guides/portfolios/portfolios)
    Learn how to use our investment API to apply a customised investment strategy to an account.

  • [**Triggering Triggering a rebalancing** rebalancing](/documentation/guides/portfolios/triggering_a_rebalancing)
    Discover how you can use our investment API to optimise an account's portfolio by enabling rebalancing solutions.

* Liquidations
Learn how to liquidate all open positions in an account.

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