Release notes

Version 1.24.0 release

April 12, 2024

New initiation_flow type added

With this release, we've added the initiation_flow type SAVINGS_PLAN.

When an order is created, the initiation_flow is specified; the various values for this provide you with information about what triggered the order.

Orders that were triggered by the savings plan are now also indicated.

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Docs update

March 21, 2024

New guide for Art.26 MiFIR Transaction reporting

In order to comply with MiFIR Art. 26, Upvest collects and stores all order execution data for each day on which our client is active. The Regulation stipulates that the relevant MiFIR reports for a given trading day must be created no later than the end of the following business day.

In this guide, we describe the steps necessary to comply with this regulation and the various use cases that depend on the respective operating models, including licences that Upvest clients are using.

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Version 1.22.0 release

March 18, 2024

Release of the /files API

With the /files API, clients can securely download files via the Upvest Investment API.

Retrieving a file is a two-step process and starts with requesting a signed URL.

  1. Call the /files API to request a signed URL and file metadata.

  2. In the second step, use the returned signed URL to fetch data.

Find out more about this endpoint in our guide

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Version 1.21.0 release

March 18, 2024

New instruments update events

We are pleased to announce that the new instrument update events are now available in the Investment API.

Once you have registered, you will receive updates as soon as there are changes in the Upvest Trading Universe, such as:

  • Instruments trading is enabled/disabled

  • Fractional trading for an instrument is activated/deactivated

  • Instrument data is changed.

These events are a logical extension of the GET /instruments endpoint and contain the same data.

Both endpoint and events reflect the state of the market known to Upvest.


Please note that this webhook does not filter out the instruments that your users trade, so you will receive updates for the entire Upvest trading universe.
If you would like to activate the newly added instrument for your users, please contact us first.

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Version 1.20.0 release

March 11, 2024

Top-ups feature

We introduce the powerful top-ups feature, which allows users to invest as quickly as possible by increasing their available cash balance. With top-ups, users can seamlessly invest in assets without having to wait for their funds to settle, making investing more efficient and convenient.

Discover the functionality and learn how to implement it with the Investment API.

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Version 1.19.0 release

March 7, 2024

Additional fees information in order requests

With this release we add fees configuration to sell and buy order requests.

Example fees array for a buy order

      "type": "TRANSACTION_FEE_BUY",
      "value_type": "ABSOLUTE",
      "charge_method": "CHARGED_BY_CLIENT",
      "currency": "EUR",
      "cash_amount": "0.9"
typeRequired: The order type for which the fee is to be charged.
Possible values:
value_typeRequired: Only absolute fees are possible.ABSOLUTE
charge_methodRequired: Indicates whether the fee is charged to the client or by other methods.CHARGED_BY_CLIENTS
currencyRequired: The currency in which the fee is charged. Alphabetic three-letter ISO 4217 currency code.EUR
cash_amountRequired: The fee amount that is charged.

Version 1.18.0 release

March 1, 2024

Rebalancing execution order webhooks

We are introducing a webhook for orders created during the rebalancing process; this new webhook will reflect the status changes for rebalancing execution orders of type PORTFOLIO.

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Filtering results when listing orders of an account

February 16, 2024

You can now use filters to refine the results list when retrieving orders for an account specified by ID.

Possible filters

Optionally, you can apply one or all of the following parameters for the operation

GET /accounts/{account_id}/orders

FilterDescriptionExample value
account_group_idThe ID of the account group to be filtered by.debf2026-f2da-4ff0-bb84-92e45babb1e3
user_idThe ID of the user to be filtered by.2dedfeb0-58cd-44f2-ae08-0e41fe0413d9
statusThe status of the order to be filtered by.FILLED
date_created_fromThe creation date from which to filter.2024-01-01T07:00:00Z (the Z means it's UTC)
date_created_toThe date up to which filtering is to be applied.2024-01-031T20:00:00Z (the Z means it's UTC)

New documentation portal design

February 14, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our revamped Docs Portal design. This update brings a fresh and user-friendly interface to enhance user experience with our documentation resources.

Key changes and impact

  • New layout and navigation
    The design introduces a more intuitive layout to streamline navigation and make it easier for users to find the information they need.

  • Logical information architecture
    We’ve reorganized the information architecture to align with user expectations, ensuring that topics are logically structured and easily accessible.

  • Quick access menus
    Look out for new quick access menus that allow you to jump directly to commonly used sections, saving you time and effort in your search for documentation.


Updated URLs
With the new design, some URL structures have changed. Please update your bookmarks accordingly !

Signature code sample: New Python Package

January 30, 2024

We have created a new Python package from our Python code example. Customers using Python can import it directly, to start their integration up to the first authenticated call much faster.

Docs update

January 29, 2024

Update of the API reference navigation

We are pleased to announce that we have redesigned the navigation of the API reference to be more user-friendly.

With this concept, we are taking the approach of reorganising the endpoints and operations according to business logic and use cases.

We group the endpoints into meaningful categories that also reflect the specific applications. The navigation displays these groups clearly. This way you can find the content you are looking for faster and easier.

Have a look here !

Version 1.17.0 release

January 19, 2024

Deleting a savings plan

With this release, it is possible to delete a savings plan configuration.

We introduce the following new endpoint for this purpose:

DELETE /savings_plans/{id}

When a savings plan is cancelled, any pending execution for it will also be cancelled (if possible). If this is not the case, we let the last execution be completed and then cancel the entire savings plan.


We keep the history of this savings plan and its executions after the cancellation.

Docs update

January 10, 2024

Account reports

Upvest provides its clients with various account metrics that can be used in the user interfaces and also to calculate custom indicators that clients require. These metrics can be accessed via specific endpoints and corresponding webhook events.

The following account-level reporting guides have been added:

Docs update

January 09, 2024

Pre-transaction (ex-ante) cost reporting

The Investment API enables fully compliant pre-transaction cost reporting and allows its clients to embed the relevant reporting requirements into their target UI workflows.

In addition, the Investment API is fully capable of integrating clients' customised fee models in an automated manner (including AUM-based fee components as well as direct transaction costs), so that a pleasant user journey and consistent pre-transaction cost reporting can be supported.

You can find out how to work with our Investment API in the new guides:

Read the docs

Docs update

December 12, 2023

Instruments API

With Upvest Investments API you have access to instrument and price data. This allows you to effectively handle specific instrument-related use cases, including the introduction of new instruments, delisting and trading bans, etc..

We have now published a detailed guide to help you understand the process of requesting instrument and price data.

We will show you step by step how to obtain instrument data and prices and how to implement business use cases for your needs.

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Version 1.16.0 release

December 11, 2023

Testing bank transaction flows

Normally, many of our payment flows can only be tested in conjunction with the corresponding bank transactions. While outgoing transactions are initiated by us and we can easily automate the artificial creation of bank transactions for testing payment flows, this is not so easy for flows that require incoming bank transactions such as top-ups or credit funding.

For this purpose we provide our clients with a new endpoint to create banking transactions.

See updated API reference

Version 1.15.0 release

December 04, 2023

Savings Plan

Hurray! We’re introducing savings plan features to your favorite API !

With this version of the Upvest Investments API, you can create savings plans for individual instruments and portfolios; there is virtually no limit to the number of savings plans you can create for your users.

Read how to use our Investment API to place the first investment order for an account, including all relevant status updates. Get to know the lifecycle of savings plans and its execution states.

Learn more

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Version 1.12.0 release

November 08, 2023

New 'Know-Your-Customer' method added

With this release we have introduced the user onboarding method LIVENESS_PHOTO_ID.

With the photo KYC method, the user submits photos of their document (front and back, tilted), a selfie and a liveness video (a short video in which they turn their head to the left and right) in addition to the usual personal data such as date of birth, place of residence, geolocation point of the device and document number.


Please note that this method is only supported outside of Germany due to compliance with anti-money laundering laws in Germany.
You can only onboard users whose place of residence is NOT in Germany by this method.

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Docs update

November 06, 2023

Virtual cash management

We have published a new guide on virtual cash management.

The Investment API provides a virtual cash system for tracking and managing virtual funds for your end users. Learn more about the virtual cash management feature, which enables an increase to be triggered before an order is placed and a decrease to be triggered after the order execution has been completed.

This functionality not only simplifies the complexity of tracking cash that has not yet settled, but extends additional use cases, e.g. portfolio management and rebalancing, automatic reinvestment of cash dividends, sales to cover fees and reinvestment of tax refunds.

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Version 1.11.0 release

November 01, 2023

Extension of the /instruments endpoint

We have added the following options to the /instruments endpoint:

New fields in the portfolio order object

We have added two new fields to the portfolio object:

  • initiation_flow

  • client_reference

inition_flowPossible values:
This way it is distinguished where the portfolio order came from.
client_referenceThis field is empty if the portfolio order is created via API.
It contains the savings_plan_id if portfolio order is created via a savings plan.

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Version 1.10.0 release

October 20, 2023

User tax onboarding

The user tax onboarding function via the Investment API is now available.
Read this guide in our documentation to learn why Upvest requires additional tax-related information from users prior to account opening, what information has to be provided to Upvest and how to interact with the Investment API endpoints to achieve it.
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Ex-ante reports

With this release, it is also possible to retrieve ex-ante reports for orders.

  • With POST /reportsyou can create an ex-ante cost report for an order by providing the required input data:
    • order details

    • order type = ORDER_EX_ANTE_COST.


Currently only ex-ante cost reporting for nominal and unit orders is supported (support for LIMITand STOP orders will be added soon).


It is possible that the creation of the PDF report will take a little more time than the report creation response, and if needed you can use webhooks REPORT.CREATED to confirm that the PDF report has been created.

  • Other improvements

    • It is now possible to specify the transaction fees for the BUY and SELL order sides separately.
    • The JSON response has been extended with some additional fields to cover all data displayed in the PDF.

Version 1.9.0 release

October 18, 2023

Treasury report samples

We offer you some treasury report examples to view and download here.

New prerequisite when creating a user

We have another requirement when onboarding a new user:
It is not permissible to use a P.O. Box or a c/o address for the required data registration.
Read all the conditions that must be met here.

Version 1.8.0 release

October 12, 2023

New kyc_update parameter

For customers using the "Take our license" operating model, it is now possible to send an updated KYC check by posting to the /users/{user_id}/checks endpoint with the new kyc_update parameter set to true.

This new parameter is documented here.

Signature code examples

September 7, 2023

We now provide you with some Python and Javascript code examples, and show you how to implement V15 of the HTTP message signing mechanism and the authorisation tokens. These are needed for secure access to the Upvest Investment API.

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Docs update

September 6, 2023

Portfolio testing in Sandbox

Testing portfolio rebalancing is a useful way to verify the effectiveness and accuracy of rebalancing executions, while understanding the flow of events and how best to integrate this functionality into your platform.

Read the new documentation chapter on how to test portfolio rebalancing in Sandbox.

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Version 1.5.0 release

August 25, 2023

Block orders

You can now specify order requests with "execution_flow": "BLOCK" to group orders from different end users and execute them at a predefined cut-off time according to your business requirements.

For more information on this function, see our guide 'Block orders'.

Mock ISINS for block orders in Sandbox

We have activated the following mock ISINs to work with block orders in the Sandbox: IE00BKBF6H24 , IE00B3XXRP09 , DE0005933931 , IE00BK5BCH80, IE00BM8QRZ79.
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Big news !

August 24, 2023

We are pleased to share great and exciting news:

As of now we offer a NEWS section in our documentation portal.

Release notes

We, at Upvest are constantly working hard to make the Investment API a top class experience. Check out changes and bug fixes.

  • We will introduce you to the new features we have developed or improved through our continuous development.
  • We let you know when specific actions are required to continue operating smoothly with the new features or updates.
  • We will inform you about bug fixes, known issues & deprecations.
  • And of course, we will direct you to the relevant documentation to get all the information you need.


To further maximise the transparency of changes, we offer our automatically generated changelogs.

Keep an eye on the detailed diffs to understand how they differ from the previous version so that you can better adapt to a new version.

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