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User onboarding

This guide walks you through all aspects of onboarding a user in the Investment API, including API. It includes user creation and regulatory identifiers.

How user onboarding works

Onboarding is the starting point of the user's interaction with your product. We designed this process to be as simple as possible to cover all legal, regulatory and compliance aspects in a reasonable way.

## Prerequisites

 ✓   Complete the 'Getting Started' tutorial.

You can start onboarding users as soon as you have completed the steps listed in the Getting started guide. "Getting started" tutorial.

 ✓   Understands constraints on who can be onboarded.
  • Onboarding for businesses is not supported, but will follow soon. Currently, we only support onboarding and opening securities accounts for individuals.

  • Support for information on the user’s tax residency and the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is currently under development and will follow soon. Currently, we only onboard users that are non-US persons.

Onboarding a user

## Step 1: Creating

   Create a user user

To onboard create a user, follow these steps:


1.1   Collect the user's data

First, collect which have to satisfy the following conditions:

  • It must not be a P.O. box (Post Office box) or c/o (in care of) address.

  • A user must have at least one nationality. If a user has multiple nationalities, all nationalities need to be submitted.


1.2   POST the user data

Send the user's personal information with a POST /users. /users request.

   Listing users

You can list all users with GET /users.

To retrieve a single user call GET /users/{user_id} with the user ID you received after creation.

#### Status of a user The following status apply to a user:

| Status | Description | |--------|-------------| |INACTIVE |------------|-------------| | INACTIVE | The user's approval is pending - the user is visible via our API but cannot be processed. | |ACTIVE | ACTIVE | User is active - the full functionality of the Investment API is accessible. | |OFFBOARDING | OFFBOARDING | The offboarding of the user is initiated - the prerequisites are being checked continuously. | |OFFBOARDED | OFFBOARDED | User is offboarded - the user's record can be kept for the regulatory period. |

You can list all users with GET /users.

To retrieve a single

   Creating user call GET /users/{user_id} with the user ID you received after creation. identifiers

In order to create regulatory required transaction reports, Upvest must maintain certain identifiers per user. By default, the Investment API supports the onboarding of users for the following nationalities (as a single nationality or, in the case of multiple nationalities, the first nationality if the nationalities array is in alphabetical order):

  • AT - Austria
  • DE - Germany
  • FR - France
  • HU - Hungary
  • IE - Ireland
  • LU - Luxembourg

Any other user nationalities require an additional identifier. You can add the relevant identifier as follows: identifier, by sending a POST /users/{user_id}/identifiers request, including the identifier type NATIONAL_ID in the payload.

More information on the accepted user identifiers can be found here.

   User onboarding complete

Congratulations, you now know how to onboard a user in the Upvest Investment API!

Next steps

After successfully creating a user on the Investment API, you can proceed with opening an account group and an account for the respective user. The accounts will only become active once the user's onboarding has been successfully completed.

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