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With our Investment API, you can automatically create statements

Some business processes at Upvest require the generation of documents and forms that fulfil the requirements of the German Banking Act (KWG), the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG) and other obligations that are necessary for end users. The use cases shown here outline how you can view, retrieve the provision of brokerage and download user-specific messages.

  • How banking services. To fulfil these requirements, documents and forms, hereinafter referred to retrieve a generated report
    Learn how you can use asynchronous webhooks to retrieve a user-focused report that is currently stored securely.

  • Displaying available reports
    Understand how as reports, are generated.


As part of the Investment API, the report data model can be used in front-end applications to display different report types, apply filters or sort reports in a logical way. service serves two main objectives:

  • Downloading a report
    Be guided through the process
    Ensure that allows all involved parties adhere to the legal and regulatory requirements
  • Elevate the end user experience by providing easy-to-access documentation related to access a user's investments.

This guide is about reporting on the Upvest Investments Platform; we focus here on the compilation and export prepared processing of a wide range of reports that are made available via our API.

Upvest offers its clients different types of reporting:

We will guide you through all of these types of reporting in detail in this section.