End user reports

As a regulated investment firm, Upvest provides access to all legally required end user reports via the Investment API. The Investment API user reports service feature provides your end users with important information about their investments, accounts, and legal requirements. User reports are generated by Upvest's background processes for each individual user. The reports can be queried but not updated or removed.

In this context, user reports is a broad term that describes all reports, documents, or statements that need to be produced during the investment lifecycle. Examples are annual tax statements, order confirmations, and dividend distribution receipts.

With our Investment API, you can automatically create statements for end users. The use cases shown here outline how you can view, retrieve and download user-specific messages.

  • How a user report generation work
    Understand how the report generation process is invoked by specific, pre-defined trigger events that typically result from other business processes or interactions with other endpoints of the Investment API.

  • User report types
    Upvest offers a range of reports for users via its API. Check which report types are available for your users.

  • How to retrieve and download generated report
    Learn how you can use asynchronous webhooks to retrieve a user-focused report that is currently stored securely.

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