500 - Internal


The call has failed due to an internal problem. Our monitoring system has triggered an alert, and the issue is being investigated and resolved by our engineering team.

How to fix

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do on your end to fix the problem, but you can help us reproduce and fix the problem by gathering some information about the steps that lead to this error.

Ideally, you provide us with the request_id of the call in question so that we can identify the process as quickly as possible.


HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
content-length: 164
content-type: application/problem+json
date: Mon, 11 Oct 2021 10:42:01 GMT
upvest-request-id: 642f127c-eadf-4a15-a9f6-c7afe9a05504

    "type": "https://docs.upvest.co/errors/internal",
    "status": 500,
    "title": "Internal error",
    "request_id": "642f127c-eadf-4a15-a9f6-c7afe9a05504"