Bring your own license - Single Accounts

The BYOL - single accounts operating model provides functional support - you benefit from Upvest's single account functionality in brokerage, custody and settlement. At the same time, it gives you the freedom to manage your own relationship with your end user.


These are the core benefits of BYOL Single Accounts model:

  • Clients want to use their own licences required to provide investment services and want to manage the end user relationship themselves.
  • Clients need the full functionality of Upvest to minimise the back-end effort on their side. Upvest provides end-to-end brokerage, settlement and custody services at the end user level (e.g., tax processing and reporting).
  • Clients do not have to develop their own functionality or manage multi-vendor integrations.

Legal setup

The client provides legal coverage for brokerage, settlement and custody to end-users and chain commission to Upvest.

Investment brokerage (RTO¹)The client distributes investments by accepting and transmitting orders from end users via their investment product (e.g., app).
Deposit taking or credit businessOptionalOptionalThe client keeps cash of end users in debit and/or credit accounts.
Financial brokerage (EXO²)The client places and executes orders on behalf of investors via Upvest.
Securities custodyThe client maintains and safekeeps financial instruments via Upvest.
Crypto custodyOptionalUpvest maintains and safekeeps crypto assets of the end users.
Proprietary trading (DOOA³)Upvest executes orders and holds securities on its own account to offer fractional investments and manage risk.
End user contractual relationshipThe client is the legal owner of the end user relationship.

¹ RTO = Reception & transmission of orders
² EXO = Execution of orders
³ DOOA = Dealing on own account

Functional setup

Upvest provides end-to-end services for brokerage, settlement, and custody for end users.

In the following table you can see which services Upvest offers and which can be optionally offered by the customers or by Upvest, where applicable:

FunctionalityUpvestClientApplication of Investment API
End user & account managementThe client sets up securities accounts for end users via the API, submitting KYC checks to Upvest for verification.
Investment solutionsThe client creates and configures portfolios, savings plans and rebalancing logic via API to offer them to end users.
Order executionsEnd users submit their orders via a client interface; Upvest executes (fractional) orders on the exchanges across all asset classes.
Payments & cash accountsOptionalEnd users provide or withdraw funds (from Upvest or client) through cash accounts via API integration and instructions.
Clearing, settlement & custodyThe client receives reconciled transactions for end users from Upvest including treasury reports for net buy/sell transfers.
Reporting (end user & regulatory)The client delivers end user/account statements, invoices, tax and regulatory reports to end users via the API; Upvest handles regulatory reporting.
Tax administrationThe client can transfer the proceeds minus taxes to the end users via the API, which are deducted and reported to the German tax authorities (may differ with international setup).
Corporate actions processingThe client can offer digital corporate action processing for the end user via the API (e.g., dividend distributions to eligible end users).
Instrument & price dataOptionalThe client can use instrument data, price data, valuations and performance calculations via the API, and enrich them with additional data.
Client supportThe client receives support responses via the API for end user, account, reporting or transactions issues.

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