HTTP Message Signature code examples

   Familiarise yourself with the examples

We provide some examples of how to create the necessary HTTP signatures for the Upvest Investment API in a separate repository.

The following code examples are available:


We will soon provide you with Java and Go code samples.

   (Optional) Clone the code locally

The sample code above is issued under an Open Source license. You are free to clone it locally and experiment. If you have a Github account and git configured on your machine, you can clone the repository using the following command:

git clone

If you happpen to be using Python, we've created an Open Source Python package that you can use to avoid the work of implementing HTTP Message Signatures yourself.

   (Optional) Suggest changes

Again, because this code is issued as open source, you're more than welcome to submit bug reports and pull requests on the repository.

Please read GitHub's Collaborating with pull requests documentation for details on how to do this.

   Task complete

Next steps

If you've chosen to use our Python package, then you can probably leave this tutorial at this point. The remainder of the content may be a useful reference, but you shouldn't need to to implement the HTTP Message Signature protocol yourself.

In any other case, please return to the Implementing HTTP Signatures tutorial and continue at Implementing HTTP Signatures