Sandbox mock ISINs

To enable testing of different scenarios on the client side, we offer a range of ISINs, which are programmed to behave in a predefined way in our Sandbox environment.

The following lists give you an overview of these ISINs and their expected behaviour, including the order & execution webhooks.

Price simulations

The ISINs listed here are designed to execute successfully in the Sandbox.


Please note that for the ISINs listed here, the tax withholding is randomly assigned and may be 0.
To test the taxation, use the ISINs from the section Taxation simulations below.

The ISINs have the following behaviour and bid/offer prices:

ISINBid priceOffer priceMock behaviour
IE00BKBF6H247.516.23Successful execution
IE00B3XXRP09113.03115.05Successful execution
DE000593393181.7785.22Successful execution
IE00BK5BCH8013.2011.24Successful execution
IE00BM8QRZ7938.4541.25Successful execution
IE00BYZK455211.109.96Successful execution
FR001079098090.1193.55Successful execution
FR001052477738.3538.96Successful execution
LU219444729314.5614.74Successful execution
IE00BGBN6P6770.0772.09Successful execution
IE00BGL86Z126.266.30Successful execution
LU077980091014.3114.44Successful execution
IE00BJ0KDR00108.08108.43Successful execution
LU0533033667472.50481.10Successful execution
IE00BM67HK7743.8844.23Successful execution
IE00BM67HL8422.0244.23Successful execution
LU129110961617.0217.28Successful execution
IE00BM67HM9143.5043.26Successful execution
IE00B95PGT31randomrandomSuccessful execution
IE00B5M1WJ87100.00100.00Successful execution with up to 5 partial executions.
Number of executions dependent on order amount:
< €101 = 1 execution,
< €201 = 2 executions, ...
> €401 = 5 executions
All active ISINs in Sandbox not otherwise specified in this section (e.g., IE0032077012)100.00100.00Successful execution

Order & execution webhooks

Success flow ISINs have the following expected order and execution webhooks:







In the Upvest Sandbox environment, order executions are settled immediately, i.e. not on T+2.

Cancellation simulations

The ISINs listed here are designed to mock different cancellation flows.

These ISINs have the following behaviour:

ISINMock behaviour
Upvest cancels an order immediately after PROCESSING state.
Upvest cancels an order in the PROCESSING state, however, not immediately.

Limit & stop order simulation

If you want to test limit and stop orders, you can use the following ISIN with prices oscillating every hour between 200.00 and 300.00.


Please note that for the ISINs listed here, the tax withholding is randomly assigned and may be 0.
To test the taxation, use the ISINs from the section Taxation simulations below.

ISINMock behaviour
E0005140008, IE00B9F5YL18, IE00B945VV12Successful execution with prices moving sine-like every hour in the pattern: 250.00 (hh:00), 300.00 (hh:15), 250.00 (hh:30), 200.00 (hh:45)
IE00B0M62Y33Behaves in the same way as DE0005140008, however, attempt to cancel the order in PROCESSING state will always get rejected. (Useful for ORDER_CANCELLATION webhook testing)

For more information how to place an order, see also the Placing an Order guides.

Order & execution webhooks

Orders are being cancelled in the PROCESSING state:





Upvest will soon offer more transparency on cancellation reasons via webhooks. We will also document these changes in this section.

Taxation simulations

We provide some ISINs to test the tax withholding for sell orders.

ISINMock behaviour
IE00BKBF6H24Gross: 0.11928 with the following taxes:
- Capital gains: 0.02982
- Solidarity surcharge: 0.0016401
- Church tax: 0.0023856
IE00BK5BCH80Gross: 0.10395 with the following taxes:
- Capital gains: 0.0259875
- Solidarity surcharge: 0.0014293125
- Church tax: 0.002079
IE00BYZK4552Gross: 0.07189 with the following taxes:
- Capitol gains: 0.0179725
- Solidarity surcharge: 0.0009884875
- Church tax: 0.0014378

Portfolio orders with mutual funds

Unlike the instant execution of ETFs, mutual funds are only executed once a day. You can test the delayed execution behaviour between ETFs and mutual funds by creating a portfolio allocation with any ETF instrument and one or both of the mutual funds listed here:

  • IE00B42W4L06 - Vanguard Global Small-Cap Index Fund EUR Acc
  • IE00B18GC888 - Vanguard Global Bond Index Fund EUR Hedged Acc

Learn more about how to enable portfolio investments here.

For the execution of portfolio orders, Upvest uses the block order functionality. To enable fast implementation and testing, we typically configure a block order execution every 15 minutes from Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm. However, the execution time can be changed if you have other preferences.

Assuming a portfolio order with a single ETF and a single mutual fund is placed at 8am on a trading day, the expected behaviour for orders and executions is as follows (learn more about the lifecycle of portfolio orders here):

  1. All individual orders (ETF and mutual fund) are created immediately (Order.NEW)

  2. The ETF is processed and executed at 8.15am (Order.PROCESSING followed by EXECUTION.FILLED and immediate EXECUTION.SETTLED)

  3. The mutual fund is processed and executed 18 minutes later at 8:33am (Order.PROCESSING followed by EXECUTION.FILLEDand immediate EXECUTION.SETTLED)

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