Operating models


Operating models are the framework that describes how Upvest operates and delivers its products and services. When you build a solution with the Upvest Investment API, you will be doing so within the framework of one of our operating models.

An operating model includes:

  • the processes, resources and technologies used to implement the operating strategy and achieve the objectives.
  • the legal and functional framework for the product.

First steps

It is essential to define the operating model in use, and the associated setup, before integration of your software with the Upvest Investment API can begin. API specifications and business processes differ between operating models (e.g., depending on account structure).

Standard Operating Models

Upvest allows you to embed investment experiences into your offering and help your users take control of their wealth. With our Investment API and digital infrastructure, we can take care of everything required to enable your investment offering and custody management.

You decide what Upvest should do for you by choosing an operating model that can include brokerage, settlement, custody, pan-European licenses, etc. - all with fully automated operations.

Upvest offers three different operating models:

Upvest standard operating models

Further reading

The three operating models are discussed in more detail in the following chapters. You will learn about the legal and functional implications of each model and what services Upvest offers and to what extent.

  1. Legal Setup of Operating Models.

  2. Functional Setup of Operating Models.

  3. Take our license - Single Accounts

  4. Bring your own license - Single Accounts

  5. Bring your own license - Omnibus

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