Placing a block order

You can specify per order whether a specific order should be executed straight-through (normal order processing) or whether the order should be added to a corresponding block order. This allows for maximum flexibility and seamless integration of multiple investment products via the Investment API.


 ✓   Understand orders and block orders

We recommend reading the Orders introduction and Block order introduction.

 ✓   Ask Upvest to activate Block orders

The 'Block orders' feature is not activated by default. If you want to activate it, please contact your Account Manager.

 ✓   Set cut-off times

To execute orders as block orders via Upvest, you must first set one (or multiple) daily cut-off time(s) at which you want your orders to be executed. You must then notify us of the defined cut-off time(s) via your Account Manager.

How to place a block order

After the configuration of the cut-off time, you can place a block order with the following request:

POST /orders

In the request body, specify "execution_flow": "BLOCK".

Example request

  "user_id": "2dedfeb0-58cd-44f2-ae08-0e41fe0413d9",
  "account_id": "debf2026-f2da-4ff0-bb84-92e45babb1e3",
  "side": "BUY",
  "client_reference": "My order",
  "instrument_id": "IE00B95PGT31",
  "instrument_id_type": "ISIN",
  "currency": "EUR",
  "order_type": "MARKET",
  "quantity": "10",
  "execution_flow": "BLOCK"

It is only possible to send market orders with the execution flow BLOCK. Both unit and nominal orders are supported.

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