Navigating this documentation

In this tutorial we would like to introduce you to all the key controls that will make your work with this site more effective. Take a moment to read the explanation of their functions below. This will help you to get the most out our documentation.

Navigation header

Navigation header

(1) Get API keys button

[Get API keys] buttonThe [Get API keys] button is placed prominently at the top of the site. For compliance reasons, we are only able to offer our live Investment API to clients with whom we have established a contractual relationship. Access to our Sandbox can be provided at the discretion of our growth team.
Clicking this button will lead you to a contact form where you can use to initiate contact with our growth team.

(2) Operating model selector

Operating model selectorThe most important control we provide is the Operating Model selector. As the API we provide differs based on this selection it is essential that you understand which operating model you are considering when using this documentation.
If you are not familiar with our Operating Models, please read our operating model definitions before proceeding.
To filter the content of the documentation according to the operating model, select the relevant one from the drop-down menu in the header:

- Take our license/ Single Accounts
- Bring your own license/ Single Accounts
- Bring your own license/ Omnibus

(3) Dark/ light mode selector

Dark/ light mode selectorThe Dark/ light mode selector is located between the operating model selector and the search function.
Clicking on this control allows you to choose:

- [Dark]: "Dark Mode"
- [Light]: "Light Mode"
- [System]: Automatically based on the mode of your host operating system (if your operating system supports such a feature).

(4) Search function

Search functionAt the top right of the page their is a search function that you can access by clicking in the input area.

When you click on this box, an input box will appear, obscuring the text below. As you type in this box the search function will progressively look for documents that match your search term, including API and Webhook reference documents. Clicking on one of the search results will take you to that document.

Navigation bottom

Navigation bottom

Feedback controls

Feedback controlYour feedback helps us to provide you with the best possible experience and to keep up with your needs.

If you would like to write a review, click on one of the icons ('thumbs up' or 'thumbs down') that appear at the bottom of each page. You will then have the opportunity to submit your comments.

We really appreciate the time you took to help us improve our docs. Be assured that we take your opinion seriously and, if appropriate, include it in our documentation.