Error handling

Validity of the download link has expired

As already mentioned, the download links are only valid for 15 minutes by default for security reasons.

Given this expiry time, Upvest assumes that the actual download of the file will take place shortly after it is requested via the /files API.

If the signed URL has already expired at the time of step 2, and the file has been deleted for security reasons, you will receive the status code 400 and an error with an expired token.

Example error response

?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF8'?Error><Code>ExpiredToken</Code><Message>The provided token has expired.</Message><Details>Request signature expired at: 20230330T22:04:46+00:00</Details></Error>

BaFin has rejected the MiFIR files

In the case that the report is rejected by BaFIN, the client must inform Upvest by creating a ticket in Zendesk.


In order to solve this problem as quickly as possible, we need the BaFIN response file, which should also be uploaded to the ticket.

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