Retrieving MiFIR reporting files

Basically, MiFIR files are retrieved via the /files endpoint of the Investment API. The process of downloading data requires the following two steps:

  1. Retrieving the signed download URL

    The first API call triggers the creation of a unique download link within our cloud storage infrastructure.

    The links are designed to be very difficult to guess, and contain a relatively short expiry time (15 minutes by default).

  2. Downloading the MiFIR file

    The second step is to use the returned URL to download the MiFIR file.

1. Retrieving the download URL

Call the Upvest /file sharing API endpoint by

GET /files/mifir_reports/


Please note that the file name convention must be adhered to in order to retrieve the correct MiFIR reporting files.

URL ParameterDescription
mifir_reportsThe folder name for MiFIR reports.
MiFIR_reporting_filesThe requested file name.
YYYYMMDDThe trading date for which the MiFIR report applies.
Example response
  "signed_url": "",
  "updated_at": "2023-03-31T12:30:13Z",
  "file_name": "",
  "content_length": 12345,
  "checksum": "e7947c277cf4e4b36a62d030442d87c7"

The returned response contains a signed URL that you can use to retrieve and download the requested MiFIR files.

2. Downloading the reporting files

Use the signed URL returned from step 1 to download the daily MiFIR reporting files:


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