MiFIR transactions reporting files

File name convention

The file you receive is a ZIP archive containing the .gz files that need to be uploaded to the BaFin portal for the relevant day.

Initially, the ZIP archive usually contains a single notification file.


Due to limitations of BaFin's MVP portal, the reporting files must be split if certain predefined transaction numbers are exceeded. If this is the case for a specific trading day, the downloaded ZIP file contains all report files for a specific day.

The ZIP archive name follows the template:


Trading DateDescription
YYYYMMDDThe trading date for which the MiFIR report applies.
If all trades are to be reported for Monday 20240304, the file name looks like this:
However, this file would normally be downloaded on Tuesday 20240305 after 1:00 p.m.

MiFIR file format

In the ZIP archive, you will find one or more files in a format that you can upload to BaFin.

Each of these files will bear the name of the format:




The consecutive number of the file (nnn) starts with 001.


The BaFin portal currently only accepts files with less than 200 MB and 500,000 reports. If the file for a particular day exceeds this limit, we create additional files with names ending with 002, 003, etc.

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