Understanding Accounts and Account Groups.

Accounts are the central resource in the Investment API and are needed to perform operations such as placing orders.

This overview introduces the concepts of Accounts, Account Groups and Account Types within the Upvest Investment API

Account opening

Account Levels

There are two levels of accounts:

Account groups

An account group does not hold any positions, but rather aggregates all accounts within it for tax calculation and regulatory reporting purposes. We assign official security account numbers at the account group level.


An account cannot exist within the Investment API without being associated with an account group. Accounts hold positions.

Account types

We currently support one type on the account group level, and two types on the account level:

Account levelAccount typeDescription
Account groupPERSONALAccount group of an individual person holding securities on their own behalf.
AccountTRADINGAccount allows orders to be placed at instrument level and positions to be queried in the account.
AccountPORTFOLIOAccount allows orders to be placed at a portfolio level and positions to be queried in the account.

More types of account groups such as joint account groups or child account groups will follow soon.