Cash balances

Cash balance refers to the portion of our user's investment portfolio assets that reside in cash. Fundings, withdrawals, and all order processes affect the cash balance of an account group.

How cash balances work

Cash balance

In the Upvest platform the user’s cash balance is tracked at the account group level. Each account group will have a cash balance for a specific currency. At launch, all cash balances are assigned as EUR.


Cash balance support with different currencies will follow soon.

Cash balance states

Cash balance has two general states

  1. Available - cash is free and not allocated for use for a specific purpose.
  2. Locked - cash that is “reserved” for the following reasons:
    • Locked for trading - awaiting execution
    • Pending settlement - awaiting settlement

Cash balance interpretation

Based on the cash balance states, cash balance can be interpreted in three main categories:

BalanceTotal cash amount held by the account group.
Available for tradingMaximum cash amount that can be used to place new orders.
Available for withdrawalMaximum cash amount that can be withdrawn.

Retrieving cash balance


In order to retrieve a cash balance, you need to ensure that the user is onboarded and account group is set up.

The cash balance for an account group can be retrieved by calling GET /account_groups/{account_group_id}/payments/cash_balance.

Example response

  "account_group_id": "d0fc0305-97b7-4e3b-bddf-66d3c434898c",
  "currency": "EUR",
  "balance": "100.25",
  "locked_for_trading": "10",
  "pending_settlement": "10",
  "available_for_withdrawal": "80",
  "available_for_trading": "80"

Next steps

Once the cash balance is confirmed to be sufficiently funded, you are ready to implement order requests. Alternatively, you can also set up your users to register a reference bank account to allow them to withdraw funds.

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