Asynchronous order processing

The order processing flow is asynchronous, which means that upon submission of a new order you will receive a HTTP status 202 Accepted. Further information about the order and order execution can be gathered either by handling the emitted webhooks or by fetching the details of an order or order execution, via the API.


Webhooks notify you of events in business processes, not the success or failure of the initialisation of those processes.

Please be sure to check the HTTP status of the response to your requests and handle failure cases appropriately.

Upvest always accept orders regardless of whether:

  • The user checks are passed.
  • The account is currently locked for any reason (e.g., compliance reasons).
  • The user has sufficient funds in their account.
  • The exchange is open.
  • The ISIN is open for trading on that day.

Only when all checks have been passed, the order is forwarded to the trading partner. This way, you do not have to wait until all checks are passed synchronously before submitting the order to Upvest.

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