Placing a portfolio order

You can create a portfolio order using the following request:

POST /portfolios/orders

Example request

This example payload will place a nominal sell order.

	"user_id": "7c9dc9d0-8953-42f9-9b5e-f602a6201577",
	"account_id": "72ca4792-bd9c-4525-9f9b-c2ff93e1c352",
	"cash_amount": "400.00",
	"currency": "EUR",
	"side": "SELL"

You'll receive an HTTP response indicating whether the request was correctly handled. Successful portfolio order creation will result in an HTTP 202 Accepted response containing a portfolio_order_id in its payload. Because order processing is asynchronous, further details and status updates will be delivered via webhooks.


Webhooks notify you of events in business processes, not the success or failure of the initialisation of those processes.

Please be sure to check the HTTP status of the response to your requests and handle failure cases appropriately.

See Asynchronous order processing and tracking for more details.